Allergen & Ingredient Information

handmade croissants

Gluten & Coeliac Advice

By using traditional recipes we rely very heavily on flour.  Even in our macarons, which are made without gluten, there is a high risk of cross-contamination. Unfortunately our products would not be suitable for anyone suffering from coeliac disease and we are unable to guarantee any special orders would be gluten-free. 


We utilise pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts in many of our recipes and handle them with the same utensils as those pastries that don't contain nuts.  We are peanut-free and do not use any recipes containing peanuts. 

Dairy & Eggs

All of our pastries contain eggs to some extent, whether egg yolks, whole eggs or egg whites.  Many of our pastries contain dairy in the form of butter, cream or milk. 

Vegetarian & Vegan

Our recipes rely heavily on dairy, eggs and gelatine, so would not be suitable for anyone following a vegan lifestyle.  Many of our pastries are suitable for vegetarians, so please ask the barista for specific information.