Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak we are unable to accept any special orders at present.  We will update if this changes. 

Special Order Info

We love special orders and helping customers find that unique pastry that will set their party apart or that will make the office meeting amazing.  Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please use our dedicated email: for all correspondence.
  • Orders should be placed with at least three days' notice, unless otherwise stated.
  • Orders over £30 will require a 50 percent deposit to be paid before collection and the remainder paid before or at collection. 
  • Deposits can be paid in the pâtisserie or via our till system through a secure link that we will provide.  Payment must be made within 24-hours of the order being placed. Orders are confirmed once the deposit is received
  • Collection is usually from 10am on weekdays, and 11am on weekends, however we may be able to accommodate an earlier pick-up depending on the size of your order. 
  • Pastries will be packaged in our cake boxes, but please be aware that they are fragile and can shift without proper handling! 
  • Our pastries are best eaten on the day, however you can still enjoy them the day after. Ensure to keep them in the fridge in the cake box provided. We don't recommend keeping any leftovers past one day due to a deterioration in quality. 


Special Order Inquires

Lazy Claire Patisserie

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